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Meet Zsuzsanna Szálka, a Hungarian international cultural manager© Gábor Valuska

Zsuzsanna Szálka is an international cultural manager and lecturer in cultural management. She has been the co-ordinator of CEU Culture Hub, the director of Átlátszó Hang New Music Festival, Budapest, programme advisor to the House of Music in Hungary, music curator of Ördögkatlan Festival and the founder and festival manager of the Night of Choirs Budapest. She has been a recurring visiting lecturer on cultural institutions in the Cultural Heritage Studies Programme of CEU since 2014, and a guest lecturer on cultural management at universities in Budapest, Pécs and Lviv. Between 2014-2017 she was the head of concert management of the Liszt Academy of Music. Between 2007 and 2013 she worked as manager of International Affairs at Müpa, Budapest. More recently, Zsuzsanna was also project manager of MusicaFemina International (2018-2020) and Play It Loud (2021-2023), two EU projects with the aim of raising awareness about gender balance in the music sector, with the help of its internatio

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