Díjeső a Susotázsnak - Fisheye Festival (UK)

Here's the full list of all of our International Short Film Competition Winners following our fabulous Gala night this evening!

Best Actress - Katie Alexander Thom ("The Girls Were Doing Nothing")

Best Actor - Pal Gottinger ("Chuchotage")

Best Cinematography (Sponsored by Bucks New University) - "The Sky Underwater"

Best Director - Maria Galliani Dyrvik ("The Sky Underwater")

Best Documentary Film - "Black Snow" directed by Stephen Linstead

Best Editing - Gyula Hegedus ("Chuchotage")

Best Film by a Filmmaker aged Under 25 - "Quietus" directed by Joshua Hext

Best Hair & Makeup Design - "Chuchotage"

Best Micro Short Film (sponsored by Arberfields) - "The Water's Edge" directed by Nick Sneath

Best Music - "Speed Date"

Best Production Design (sponsored by Palmbrokers) - "Chuchotage"

Best Screenplay - Barnabas Toth for the film "Chuchotage"

Best Short film -"Chuchotage" directed by Barnabas Toth

Best Sound Design - "Speed Date"

Best UK Short Film - "Speed Date" directed by Victoria Scarborough and Tim Pope

Best Feature Film - "Leave Now" directed by Stephen Frost

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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