Tobias and the Angel by Csíkszerda

Csíkszerda is one of the most creative choirs in Hungary. The uniqueness of the ensemble lies not only in its extreme number of members (by now ca. 250-300 people in the four different groups of the ‘choir family’) but also in the way it approaches community singing. Árpád Tóth, the musical director of the choir has put a high variety of musical pieces on stage with Csíkszerda and the performances have proved that classical music is not at all out of fashion, not even amongst young people. 

This autumn, the choir has chosen to perform a modern opera, Tobias and the Angel, written by Jonathan Dove, one of the greatest contemporary British opera composers. The original biblical story, which curiously resembles the wildest folk tales with its mysterious deaths, magical journey, mythical fish-monster, heavenly helper and ever-green love, is spiced up with the tradition of community singing. The outcome is a truly original piece which perfectly fits the taste and potential of Csíkszerda. Accompanied by a professional chamber orchestra, both the choir and the solo parts are sung by the members of the choir.

With the effort and voluntary work of the choir members and an excellent opera and theatre director, Pál Göttinger, Csíkszerda has created something extraordinary in the Hungarian musical scene, definitely not to be missed.


18 November, Friday, 19.00
19 November, Saturday, 19.00
20 November, Sunday 18.00
25 November, Friday, 19.00
26 November, Saturday, 19.00
27 November, Sunday 18.00
2 December, Friday, 19.00
3 December, Saturday, 19.00
4 December, Sunday 18.00