Susotázs - a teljes film megjelent az interneten!

During a professional conference in Prague, two simultanous interpreters in the Hungarian booth realize that only one person is listening to them and vie for her attention. 
  • This short film won following awards: 
  • Best Comedy Short / Flickers’ Rhode Island Film Festival 
  • Best Narrative Short / Foodcandle Film Festival, Hickory 
  • Silver Medal (+ Best Actor Nomination) /Manhattan Short Film Festival 
  • Best Short Film / ROFL Madrid 
  • Best Film on Future Energy and Resources / Innsbruck 
  • Best Actor / St Petersbourg – 1st Russian Indipendent Festival 
  • Best Euro Short, Special Mention for Best Actor / Manchester Kinofilm Fest 
  • Best Short Film / Cortocircuito, Saviano, Italy 
  • special Sziget award / Busho Budapest Short Film Festival 
  • Audience award / Rákospalotai Röfi 
  • Special award / MAFSZ 
  • BEST film, screenplay, actor, prod. design, editing, air&makeup / Fisheye Festival, Bucks, USA 
  • Audience award / Parkfilmern, Führstenwalde 
  • Grand Award / Alter-native Festival, Tirgu Mures 
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Original title - Chuchotage (Susotázs) 
Director / writer - Barnabás Tóth 
Producers - Lajos Tóth, Andrea Kuczkó, Gábor Rajna, Gábor Sipos, Judit Stalter, Barnabás Tóth 
Cast - Pál Göttinger, Géza Takács, Andrea Osvárt 
Music - László Pirisi 
Year - 2018 
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